Sep 7, 2011

The Sexiest Woman of the Summer is Mila Kunis

In the end, it wasn't even that close. By a 10-percentage-point margin, Mila Kunis defeated Olivia Wilde to earn the title of Sexiest Woman of the Summer. Congratulations, Mila, we'll be sending you a nice, big trophy in the mail. What's your address?

It's been a fun week here at the 'Fone, as we narrowed our field of stunning starlets from 12 to 8 to 4 to 2, and now we have our winner. We hope you had as good a time reading these posts as we did making them. We're already looking forward to next summer's class. (Hello there, Anna Faris, Emma Stone and Anne Hathaway!)

As this is the final day of our little tournament, we thought it would be appropriate to look back at all the wonderful women who so inspired us. Below, you'll find a complete listing of all of our Summer's Sexiest Women material, a handy guide anytime you want to think back on all the fun you had at the movies during the summer of 2011. Hard to believe 'Thor' kicked the season off so long ago, isn't it? Anyway, have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone. And seriously, Mila, send us your address.

Cue 'One Shining Moment,' please ...

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