Oct 27, 2011

Kylie Minogue offered £1Million by BBC!

Kylie Minogue had been offered £1Million by BBC to become a judge in The Voice of UK version. 
The talent show focuses on singing voices alone as judges have their backs to the contestants.
Jessie J is already confirmed for the panel with Tom Jones tipped to sign.
The million pound offer comes only a few weeks after the hard-up BBC announced 2000 job losses by 2017.
The news of the BBC offer to Kylie has split Sun readers.

cats-dogs-hamsters feels the Beeb should get someone cheaper: "People who desperately need the wage like the rest of us are getting laid off by BBC and they pay that much money to one person when I'm sure they could have got someone much cheaper who could do the job just as well."
scotrepublic thinks a million pounds is too much: "I like Kylie but not at this price. Better some people keep their jobs in my view."
toronstganymede jokes about another option: "They could have gotten both of the veronicas for that much $money"
exodus77 questions Kylie's own singing skills: "The Voice?, yeah it would be great if she actually had one instead of that whinning autotuned tone."
Spinning around the opinion some users thinks Kylie is worth every penny of the offer.

Worth every penny

GabrielArchangel questions whether the Beeb can afford her: "Seeing as she gets £2.2million for a single evening's performance of 8 tracks (Sir Elton and Beyonce get a paltry £1million), I doubt whether the BBC could afford her for a single night, never mind several months."
themack hopes the show is broadcast down under: "I love Kylie. She's one of Australia's greatest exports. I also like Jessie J. I hope they show it on Ozzie TV."
cuteporter keeps it simple: "Worth every penny...what a babe!"
kevink "£1million. That's only one months wage for a footballer. And you muppets pay handsomely to watch 22 of them kick a bag of wind about."

Think Kylie is value for money at £1million?

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  1. hahah si minah rempit ni!! tadi baru jea baca paper kat utusan pasal dia



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