Jan 25, 2012

Personal Management: Part II Personal Education

Key of Personal Management Part 2

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Just to remind everybody. Personal Management is a concept that we can apply on anything on our personal life. The concepts in general involve: Capture, Process, Organize, Do and Review. The main concept was based on David Allen Getting Thing Done which was mainly geared at productivity of a company but I think this concept is universal and can be applied in various situations.
Ok let’s focus on Personal Management in Education. 

Most people waste time on their facebook, Iphone, webs, TV, Radio, Podcast etc etc etc. These gadgets are actually goldmines for knowledge if you somehow use it properly and wisely but can be a waste of time if you use it wrongly. In one day you can even educate yourself in one area of focus and understand things that you don’t know before. You can learn language, finance, economy, management, technology etc etc etc...but most of youngster use it to play games, the adults (including myself) use it as a passing/wasting time kind of thing, updating useless personal information etc etc...There are lot of useful facebook pages eg (on finance: fund supermarket, unit Amanah), (on Personal Management : Lifehacker, Getting Things Done etc) ,  Iphone podcast( Khan economy, Gold Price, The Egdeg, Pulse and business, etc), (on podcast : David allen Company, Your Money your life) , (on TV: Bloomberg, National Geographic, etc), (Radio IKIM, ) etc etc that can educate you...

This time round I will try to apply this PM concept on a project like thesis or dissertation. 

Capture: Assess your knowledge in area of your interest/thesis/dissertation/anything you want to educate yourself. Understand your thesis/dissertation objectives , Your long term is to complete the thesis but your short term are according to your thesis lay out plan /Gunn chart/Planner which may look like this:  Literature review, methodology, Data Analysis, Results, Discussion...etc 

Process: You need to process all tour references and identify the relevancy. For each of the item you identify the process according to your mini goal /sub goal/short term goal/ thesis outline. 
E.g. For literature review sub-goal -your task may be to search and find article , read, and understand articles/references according to your objectives.
For methodology - your task probably to collect sample
For Data Analysis - your task/mini goal is to have a dummy/empty table, learn statistical test that you want to apply, learn data cleaning and data entry, and learn data analysis

Organize: you need to have some kind of files/folders, the best is probably endnotes software for organizing your references and SPSS to enter your data. You have to set up a dateline for each of your sub goals above.  

DO: this is action task. Since you have identified the tasks /checklist in your sub-goal, you just have to set a dateline/timeframe and do it on daily basis until you can tick of one by one in ministep. E.g. stat writing the literature review one page a day until you completed the task of writing literature review, and then continues with other parts. The secret in doing things is, if you focus on one thing at the same time e.g. 9-10pm, you will get it done faster, and once you can tick of one item in your list ,then your self esteem is  better because you achieve something, which will lead you to want to do/continue doing other task/sub-goal in your check list. Then you will progress in your thesis.

Review: Always review your process/goal/sub-goal along the way, are u on time with the progress of the thesis, is the data valid, have you discussed with your supervisor. 

The main thing is to change gtd into GTD...get the 'got to do list' gtd to GTD 'Get things Done" - Break your big goal to sub goals , then write your sub goals and action list/task either on paper or excel file or using Iphone apps like Notes, Super note, - that is your got to do list ....then carry out on daily basis whatever your task list say. lan it out in details .

Personally I use WorkSmart apps (free apps) to monitor my students dissertation, my work related KPI, etc. There are many free apps of GTD -just search and use whatever you're comfortable and applicable for you as different people have different things to do.....I am currently reviewing and searching Omnifocus whether its worth to buy...

Change your perception and control your gadget and use it to educate yourself.....Good luck and change your gtd to GTD.

ThiNk CareFuLLy...

By: Prof Madya Dr Ariffin Nasir[HUSM]
Thanks Prof.

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